Proton Group: Your Employment Partner in Eindhoven

The Proton Group has been around for more than 20 years, and we’re really good at what we do. Our company is known for being ambitious, full of energy, and always ready to try new things. We specialize in finding temporary jobs for people who are good at mechanical engineering, welding (mig mag welding), and electrical work. We’ve worked with big companies not only in Eindhoven but also in other places.

At Proton, we’re always happy to have talented and excited people join our team. If you work with us, you’ll have an interesting job and good pay. We also care about helping you learn and grow, and we’ll support you with training and coaching. You can work on special projects as a freelancer or a full-time employee with really good companies. We have different kinds of jobs available, like putting things together or operating machines.

Do you need the right workers for your engineering company? Or are you trying to find a great job in this field? We’re a company that helps match people and jobs from our offices in Eindhoven, Zoetermeer, and Urmond. As anĀ engineering employment agency in Eindhoven, we’re really good at finding the right match, so both the worker and the company are happy. We have lots of different jobs available, like operating machines (CNC operator), welding, mechanical work (mechanical engineer), assembly work and more. If you’re an engineer who works with machines or electricity, we invite you to look at our job listings to find the job that’s right for you. For example a vacancy for electrical engineer.

Proton also helps young people learn by working and getting trained at the same time. We work with training companies to guide and coach them. We’re certified to do what we do, and we’re really good at it. The Proton Group has two parts: Proton Assembly and Proton Engineering. They work together to get the best results.

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